Embracing partnerships to deliver power for a sustainable future.

Power generation needs to support a sustainable future. Kineticor develops and owns projects that reduce environmental impacts and set the standard for stakeholder engagement. We are focused on continuous improvement of our governance structure to promote collaboration and diversity.

We want to deliver power for that supports a sustainable future by empowering our partners, providing cleaner air and setting an example for collaboration and diversity.

Our Company

Power In Partnerships

At Kineticor, we believe partnerships and collaboration are key to success. We take pride in our ability to form long-term partnerships and aim to engage with all stakeholders in project development, including local communities, Indigenous Peoples, and government.

Kineticor is committed to developing close, long-term relationships with Indigenous Peoples founded on mutual respect and trust. We believe in early and meaningful engagement with Indigenous communities on whose traditional territories we live and work.  We look forward to continuing our relationships with local First Nations and are proud partners in the construction efforts for our projects.

Kineticor is also focused on long-term partnerships with natural gas producers to facilitate the energy transition and utilize natural gas for power generation on our way to a decarbonized grid.

Diversity is Power

We believe that people are our greatest asset, and the differences among us create strength. We prize diversity both in our background and our values, with an inclusive culture that will embrace the challenges required to transform the energy landscape.

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