Greenlight Electricity Centre

Kineticor is developing a Net-Zero Emissions Electricity Centre that will support the Energy Transition and lead to a reliable, net-zero power grid in Alberta.

The Greenlight Electricity Centre is a 1,400 megawatt (MW) development strategically locatedin Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, northeast of Edmonton. The Project will integrate carbon capture and storage with the combined cycle power generation facility to capture over 90% of carbon emissions from the generation of electricity.

Project Details

Project Need

Greenlight Electricity Centre (“Greenlight”) has been developed to support the Government of Canada’s commitment to achieving a net-zero power grid by 2035 and will provide the most cost-effective dispatchable generation in Alberta under a net-zero power grid. Integrating combined cycle power generation with carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) will provide reliable, low-cost, baseload power, which will help keep electricity costs competitive and will help Alberta transition to a more diverse and low-carbon energy future.

The electricity produced by Greenlight will feed into the Alberta provincial grid to meet electric power requirements of the province as our economy continues to diversify and grow.

Local Economic Activity

The construction and operations of Greenlight will play an important role in the local economy by providing well-paying jobs that will benefit the local and Indigenous communities. It will utilize local businesses and suppliers and provide additional tax revenue to Sturgeon County.

The Project is anticipated to employ approximately 1,000 workers at the peak of construction, with an expected work effort of almost 7,500,000 worker-hours in the local area. The total capital investment is approximately $4.5 Billion with more than 40 direct, long-term skilled jobs created once operations commence.

Environmental Benefits

Greenlight is being designed and will be operated in a way that minimizes environmental effects and supports the transition to a net-zero electricity supply.

Natural gas combined cycle power generation facilities are a high efficiency, environmentally attractive form of power generation necessary to meet the growing demand for electricity in Alberta. A combined cycle power facility uses both a gas and steam turbine simultaneously to produce up to 50 per cent more electricity from the same amount of fuel than a traditional simple cycle facility. This is because much of the wasted heat from the gas turbine is recovered and converted into high-pressure steam, which drives the steam turbine and generates additional electricity.

The integrated carbon capture facility will capture over 90% of carbon emissions from the combined cycle generating units and permanently store the carbon in a local carbon sequestration hub.

How They Work

The facility will utilize modern, highly efficient industrial natural gas turbines that will capture waste heat to make steam which will be used to generate additional electricity via a steam turbine. Carbon capture will be integrated into the facility and infrastructure will be in place at the site to accommodate carbon sequestration.

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