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Kineticor is a Calgary, Alberta based Energy Services Company, focused on providing customized and reliable on-site power generation solutions for the resources sector. Our model is straight forward and cost efficient whether you are currently grid connected or own and operate one or more on-site power generation facilities or plan to do so in the future.

Our business is to power your business, regardless of location.

Customized. Efficient. Reliable.



Kineticor addresses the important issues associated with a growing global demand for power, the need for organizations to continually increase efficiencies, and the desire to be environmental stewards. By always keeping the three of these important directives top of mind mind, Kineticor is the Independent Power Producer that brings smart solutions to Canadian producers and industrial facilities.

Kineticor Resource Corporation builds, owns and operates power generation equipment that effectively converts gas to power. A process that has high-level thinking behind it is provided in a turnkey fashion. There are minimal disturbances to operations, zero capital costs incurred, and inevitably cost savings for the organization.

The entire process is carried out by a team is that is skilled, forward thinking and dedicated. They have experience and proven track records in the industries that they service, understanding the pain points and bringing the right solutions.

Decentralized Power Generation

Decentralized Power Generation (sometimes referred to as Onsite Generation or Distributed Power) is the process of creating energy at the source where it will be used. With increased transmission costs, this is an ideal way to reduce the expense of buying power from the grid. Decentralized Power Generation can occur in a number of ways, including gas to power, geothermal, hydro-electric, solar, and wind. Kineticor focuses on creating power from natural or associated gas and analyzes each site to ensure the most effective solution is being utilized.

In applications where heat and steam are required, Kineticor offers a Combined Heat & Power solution, which utilizes the waste heat created by the generator itself. This can be used in facility processes requiring large amounts of heat, allowing the further reduction of energy costs.

Each of these methods are designed to be unobtrusive to a customer’s core business.

Experienced Leaders in Power


Kineticor has a strong managerial team and board of directors with proven experience in developing and growing successful companies within the power industry. Combined, Kineticor’s management and board have been responsible for power generation assets including thermal, oil and gas, wind and hydro across North America.


Philip Hughes

A leader in Canada’s energy sector for the past 25 years, Philip Hughes has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of five energy companies across Canada. He has extensive North American and international experience in electrical generation, transmission and distribution, oil and gas and natural gas transmission, distribution and processing. Currently, he serves as Chairman of NaiKun Wind Energy Group of Vancouver, BC, a wind energy company and is also on the Boards of WCB Alberta (Chair of the Finance & Audit Committee), Instream Energy and the Calgary Health Trust.

Philip was a senior executive with the Fortis Inc. group of companies where he was responsible for various acquisitions (including the successful acquisition and integration of Aquila Networks Canada) and led the operations as President and CEO of several of the Fortis Inc. subsidiaries.

Philip is a past Officer of the World Energy Council (WEC), former Chair of the Canadian Electrical Association (CEA) and former Chair of the Energy Council of Canada (ECC). He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.Economics) from Lancaster University, England and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta and a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants of England and Wales.

Tim Calibaba

Tim was the founder, President and CEO of TWC Financial Corporation, an independent mutual fund distributor licensed in Canada with approximately 400 financial advisors and over $4 billion in assets under administration. In 2003, the TWC Group of Companies was acquired by the Berkshire Group to form a mutual fund and securities dealership with more than 1,000 financial advisors and $10 billion in assets under administration. Tim served as a Board Director of the newly amalgamated firm until January 2008 when Manulife Securities Inc acquired the firm.

Tim received the designation ICD.cd from the prestigious Institute of Corporate Directors, Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto in 2009. Currently Tim is serving on four boards – Chairman, Saskatchewan Pension Plan, Director, Stone Investment Group, Director, Wordjack Media Inc. and Director, Kineticor Renewables Inc.

Jim Baker

Mr. Baker is President of JP Baker Management Inc. He has over 30 years experience in the oil and gas industry, as a senior officer of three different oil and natural gas companies and more recently as a director of several public companies. During that time he also ran a private consulting business specializing in oil and gas related issues particularly in the business development area.

Jim has served on numerous industry boards and also sits on the Board of SaskEnergy. In addition, he has been active in CAPP (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers) and SEPAC (Small Explorers and Producers Association of Canada) and was past Chairman of the IPAC (CAPP predecessor) Saskatchewan Committee.

Andrew Plaunt

Andrew has extensive experience in the successful origination, development, operation, and ultimate sale of multiple companies across Western Canada. Most recently, Andrew was the founder and CEO of Kineticor Renewables, a Wind Energy Development company established in 2009 focused on developing mid-sized power generation assets across the Prairies.

Andrew led the financing, development, negotiations and management of Kineticor which led to Kineticor successfully securing multiple Power Purchase Agreements with SaskPower. In 2011, Andrew led the sale of the all of Kineticor Renewables assets to Algonquin Power.

Andrew is a graduate of Mount Royal College where he obtained his degree in Entrepreneurship.


Michael Funk

Michael has over 10 years of financial management and business development experience. Michael has been responsible for the oversight, development and implementation of finance strategies; and played a critical role in completing significant financing of numerous companies in the oil and gas and real estate industries.

Michael’s experience consists of varying roles within the finance and accounting industry; including roles as a finance specialist working in commercial banking at RBC prior to transitioning to BDO Canada to work in both audit and tax functions for both private enterprise and public entities.

Most recently, Michael spent 4 years developing a financial consulting practice in Western Canada, which focused on real estate developments in Western Canada and Northwestern USA. His consulting practice specialized in organizing debt facilities and management structure; including the development and establishment of joint ventures. He is a Chartered Accountant and earned his degree from the University of Alabama.

Blaine Virostek

Blaine has over 20 years of energy industry experience, having held senior level and executive positions across a wide-ranging portfolio of companies. Blaine has extensive expertise in onsite power generation, having lead the design, build, installation and operation of power generation assets and facilities across Western Canada.

Most recently in Blaine’s extensive career, President & CEO of Three Point Energy Solutions; specializing in alternative energy in Oil & Gas waste heat recovery. Blaine also held Senior positions at companies including Caltech, FortisAlberta Inc., TransAlta Energy Marketing and Con-tek Controls Ltd.

Blaine was an instrumental participant and member alongside senior level intervener groups and individuals, leading regulatory reform and policy development in the electric industry.

Guido C Bachmann, P.Eng

Guido has over 30 years of broad experience in the energy industry and has held a number of senior and executive positions. He has overseen marketing, business development, project execution/management, operations and finance in conventional oil & gas, clean tech, renewable and thermal energy development as well as energy commodity trading.

Guido’s extensive resume includes working with industry leaders such as AltaGas Ltd, Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc., Northland Power Inc., Greengate Power Corporation, Afina Energy Inc., and Dome Petroleum Ltd. as well as co-founding two successful power and renewable energy companies: Canadian Gas & Electric and GW Power. He has managed fuel portfolios as well as lead business development in China, Latin America and East Europe.

Guido has served on the Board of Directors of a number of corporations and government bodies and is currently a Director for Greengate Power Corporation. He is past Chairman of the Independent Power Producers’ Society of Alberta and has served on a number of provincial and federal committees regarding electrical industry de-regulation, electric transmission, retail markets, and the environment such as the Advisory Council for the Electric Utilities Act of Alberta and the Electricity Table for Canada’s National Climate Change Process. He is a Professional Engineer and earned his degree from the University of Calgary.

Measureable Efficiencies. Reduced Risk.

our model

Our partnership model is designed to deliver specific financial and operational advantages to a number of departments within your organization. We begin with an assessment of your current or future on-site power requirements with the goal of developing and demonstrating how a customized self-generation strategy will create measureable efficiencies when Kineticor acquires ownership and risk of the facility. Our model allows for versatility in terms of facility operations; you can maintain full control and responsibility or we can.

Procuring a built-to-suit turnkey power generation solution from Kineticor does three things:

  1. It can reclaim or reserve capital. Capital invested in existing power generation facilities or allocated for future projects can be redirected to essential corporate initiatives with no interruption to operations.
  2. We fully and expediently manage power generation planning, development and implementation. Regardless of location or access to the grid, we ensure your requirements for safe and reliable on-site power are met. We manage every aspect of building new power and cogeneration facilities – from regulatory and engineering through to sourcing the right technology solution, site preparation and installation, commissioning and maintenance.
  1. Even if grid connection is an option available at a future project site, moving forward with an independent power generation facility can significantly shorten the lead-time typically associated with securing power through grid connection.   Your next project will be fully operational and producing within an optimal timeframe. In addition, a fixed term conversion fee agreement provides for a stable price model by eliminating the risk of fluctuating power charges imposed by third party power suppliers.


  • Reciprocating Engines or Gas Turbines; dependent on key operating & economic drivers.
  • Uses natural gas, associated gas, or flare gas as prime fuel source
  • Capable of combusting 5% H2S
  • Converts fuel into power, exhaust gasses are vented.
  • No heat recovery.
  • Expandable capacity.


  • Simple, straight forward configuration.
  • Modular skid-mounted plug & play setups.
  • Meek design allows for remote operations.
  • Easily deployable.
  • Efficiencies up to 50%
  • Diverse fuel source application.
  • Low capital cost
  • Can use either reciprocating engines or turbines; dependent on key operating & economic drivers.


  • Reciprocating Engines or Gas Turbines; dependent on key operating & economic drivers.
  • Uses natural gas, associated gas, or flare gas as prime fuel source
  • Capable of combusting 5% H2S
  • Converts single fuel type into power and process heat.
  • Simple cycle configuration that captures available exhaust gas


  • Reduces overall energy costs
  • High efficiencies up to 85%
  • Greenhouse gas reductions
  • Environmental credits available
  • Modular skid-mounted



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